The Con that Was....

I'm running a little behind to post this but  after Steve's live stream yesterday I decided I should probably get to it. First of all, although I am not naming the venue or the name of the convention, I want to make it clear that this was not the work of the venue or those that are in charge of it. Do not send hate out to those that run the venue. 

Now that the safety meeting is out of the way, hoooly crap what a smoke show! And by that I mean smoke and mirrors. I don't think there was anyone there beyond the ones responsible (a whole two people) that knew all of the real details about this mess. We were told that it was a charity convention, it was not. We were told that a certain number of tickets had been sold. Not only was that a lie but the number was changed after the fact so they got caught in that lie. I am not ashamed to say the weekend was so bad that we lost around 500 dollars in the endeavor and that is a hard hit for us. But we came out wiser and with a few new friends as well as getting to see some old ones. 

I was excited to see Misty Conner and her crew, as well as getting to meet a few new ladies associated with them. We had some ghosty action when something knocked the legs out from under one side of her table. Nothing was broken amazingly enough, and you know that girl took it in stride! 

I met Rob Mello from Happy Death Day and the dude was HILARIOUS! He made a rough weekend so much more bearable. 

The boys made a new friend with Rick Hayes and it looks like we may have some really fun things in the works there so stay tuned! 

All in all the weekend was a bust but that was overshadowed by some awesome people who were in the same situation.