Meet the Mechanix

Stephen Smith


A scientist and student of sociology/psychology first, Stephen prefers seeking out ​logical explanations for situations rather than jumping to conclusions. His goal in this ​is to help others understand the world around them and, the nature of the gifts they ​hold inside.

Stephen is an Energy Alchemist and intuitive healer. Having been born blind, He has ​gained a higher empathic sense as well as an ability to see the emotional and ​energetic responses of others or, their "auras". In his mid teens he was trained by the ​Draconic Alchemic Circle in energy manipulation, aura cleansing and. removal of ​negative influences. This includes: dispelling curses, bindings, psychic blocks and ​removal of harmful attachments.

Stephen’s studies have led him to understand many faiths and practices and he is well ​versed in several forms of exorcism. In recent years, he has accepted a role as ​teacher and have received the title of Senior Master in his Order